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How Can We Help?

Average response time for us is 48 hours during the week. For tickets submitted over the weekend, please give us until Monday morning to get back to you.

Welcome to GOBlazon

We are a business tailored to help programmers and businesses needing help with their development services. GOBlazon seeks to provide a robust and innovative web solution that integrates a versatile mobile platform with a premium user experience. If you are having issues or wanting to start a project and seek expertise in this field, create a ticket and we can provide assistance as soon as possible.

Rapid Response Times

Premium Support tickets are always at the front of our queue are always answered first. Fill out one now and someone will contact you shortly

Advanced Support

Whatever the issue is, we will do our absolute best to resolve it for you, we also log into your site to remotely troubleshoot unexpected problems.

Effective Results

Backed by a positive reputation and extensive portfolio, GOBlazon delivers proven and effective results to move your business into the future.

Master Market Innovators

GOBlazon develops and implements custom solutions to build brand awareness in order to increase online visibility and offer a seamless user experience. Our company seeks to create maximum online visibility not just by integrating a mobile solution but increasing web traffic through search engine optimization giving your brand the market position you seek.

Support Includes

  • Website Design – Clean and responsive website design services with a user-friendly interface.
  • Mobile Development – Whether you need a full on app to provide a thorough customer experience or mobile friendly website for your customer on the go
  • Search Engine Optimization – Our SEO services increase online presence through strategic keyword planning to create effective website content.
  • Digital Marketing – GOBlazon’s SEO services also include content creation and distribution, such as blogging, newsletters, and press releases.
  • Installation services – Services or general software platform and CMS help (ex: WordPress)
  • Graphic Design – We not only create aesthetically pleasing sites but logos, flyers, and any other graphical marketing needs you may need
  • Project Support – Stuck with implementing a plugin or troubleshooting your page? GoBlazon will review your issues and seek a solution on your behalf

Support DOES NOT Include

  • Tech or IT support
  • Setting up server or network hardware
  • Hardware Support
  • Network Security

Premium Support

  • Development and Support
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Advanced Web and Mobile Services
  • Peace of Mind

Our Services

  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Custom CSS, PHP, and JS
  • Mobile APP Development
  • Content Management